Tony Baker

I am an artist! And I have no idea what I’m doing. I hack and slash away, various ideas and general chaos rolling through my head, painting swaths, and then scribbling over them, doodling a city, destroying the city, just making a mess. And then… something happens! I’m not sure what happens, but it does. Something about the colors, variation of marks, a few shapes squashed together, I don’t know, but something happens, it usually feels beyond my control, and it’s absolutely magic. Sometimes the happenings are only kind of happenings, and for the next bit I stare at the piece a LOT. Then I carefully tinker, thinking the piece is gonna knock my jeans off with a little pastel smear right….. THERE! But that usually doesn’t work. Sometimes it does… but usually not. So I tinker some more, hither and yon, the same areas I have somehow arbitrarily deemed unworthy get worked over and over again, and they start to build up and look funny. Not haha funny either. So the tinkering gets more destructive, and then I’m back at it, hacking and slashing away. I never know when, or if, it’s ever gonna happen again, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because I’m DONE with sitting around staring at you. You’re going DOWN! And you! You little precious area that is soooooo untouchable, EAT RED HOT PASTEL SCRAWL! Oh wait! Hey there it is, It happened again! And now (for some unknown reason) it’s frickin better than EVER! Oh man, I love you painting! So that’s how it goes, and sometimes paintings sit for days and weeks and even years in this precious kind of happened state, until I get destructive enough to take them down. The real kicker is, as a young melodramatic artist, I didn’t get it. I wanted every painting to resolve itself fairly quickly, and the tinkering/destructo phase could be agony. Instead of the fun imagery and ideas rolling around in my head, they were things like, “NOOOO I RUINED IT!!” and possibly, “I’M A SHAM! WHY AM I DOING THIS?!1?”. Pretty putrid stuff. These days, if a piece doesn’t resolve itself right away, it’s a gift! It’s a golden opportunity to push myself into crazy-mess territory, and see what this thing is going to crystallize into! So like I says, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m having fun!