Claudia Campbell was born in Saint-Jerome in 1981. From a very young age, she has felt at home in the artistic world. She developed a great interest for music, which is what pushed her to study the violin, alto, and cello. At the age of twelve she integrated, with the help of private classes, into the music conservatory of McGill University where she obtained many certifications of excellence. She then completed her education in graphic design and advertising, a field in which she held a graphic designer position at a prestigious Montreal agency. Several years later, after meeting her partner, she chose to take a different path. She became the co-owner of a restaurant in Prevost, Quebec, a wonderful region in the Laurentians. While operating this venture for almost 14 years, her desire to create became stronger and stronger. A self-taught artist, her thirst for learning allowed her to discover her great passion for painting. Her creative process lets her flourish in abstract art. Passionate about textures and relief painting, she always seeks to capture emotion through colour and contrast. Bursting, vibrant, and unique is her motto. She uses a very intuitive and inspirative approach when she paints. Her artwork reflects her emotions.

Artistic Approach

An artist with a colouristic style, she is mostly passionate about the abstract while sometimes adding a touch of semi-figurative art to her creations. Her creation process resides in the use of different texture mediums to give some depth and liveliness to her artwork. Bright colours are what guide her first and foremost. Once a piece of art has been started, she lives in the present moment and creation intuitively takes shape. Using mostly acrylic and pastel as her medium of choice for the spontaneity they allow, she enjoys colours as they give her absolute freedom. The energy that emanates from her artwork showcase her soul's feelings and give it a unique signature. Even if she has been painting for many years, it is today that she has decided to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished artist.