Jim Mason

Jim Mason was born, raised and has lived most of his life in the Beatty/Melfort area.
Mason is a self-taught wood carver who enjoys transforming tree branches and other “found” wood into unique and compelling pieces of art that capture the warmth that wood, as a medium, offers. Currently his passion lies in creating one of a kind fish and other subjects carved from yellow cedar and basswood, adding pyrographic elements, colour and utilizing metal, computer parts, wire and clock parts. They are very unique in their design and presentation and showcase the mix of creativity, sense of humor, imagination and artistic ability he possesses.
As a change of pace he carves owls and faces into pieces of tree trunks using the mallet and chisel approach which allows a chance to add a physical element to the creative process.
Most days will find Mason in his garage/workshop affectionately known as “Jak’s Garage”, creating.