Carole St. Germain

Characterized by brightly vibrant primary and pastel hues, the paintings of Canadian artist Carole St-Germain are strikingly joyful. Using loose yet delicate brushstrokes, St-Germain elegantly portrays both abstract and lifelike forms on her canvases. Evoking a palpable sense of movement and life, these paintings activate the space around them, imbuing it with a feeling of vigor and vitality. Seamlessly blending colors and tones with a soulful uniqueness, these paintings speak to St-Germain's individuality as an artist, as well as the independence of those who view them. Taking her subjects from both life and imagination, the painter allows herself to be guided by emotion when she is at work, a process that yields a spark of feeling that extends from the canvas into the viewer's space. Dedicated to making her passion for painting tangible, St-Germain invigorates her work with expressive abstraction and a meticulous attention to line and detail. “People really can feel the emotions I had when creating this art piece just by looking at it,” she says.

Carole St-Germain lives and works in Canada, where her work has been the subject of many exhibitions.