Kathleen Slavin

Living in a country with dramatic seasonal variation has directed the inspiration and location of my work. In the summer I paint in the boreal forest and in my garden. In the winter I create in my studio and escape when I can to the gathering of foreign images of markets and warmth.

I was born in Ontario, studied in Ottawa (Art History) and in Saskatoon (MEd) where I have lived over half of my life.

As a painter, I am mainly self-taught but have received critique from many local and international artists. In particular I have benefited from many classes, residencies and the Artists Workshops at Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus between 1996 and 2012 with inspiring guest artists including Elizabeth McIntosh, David Alexander, Kim Dorland, Monica Tapp, Lorna Russell, Wynona Mulcaster, Degen Lindner. The workshop participants included established artists from across Canada.

I use a variety of techniques for application of paint to canvas and an expressionistic style to reconcile the tensions created by the juxtaposition of abstract and representational elements.

Rouge Gallery has carried my work since the gallery opened in 2006. McIntyre Gallery formerly of Regina, carried my work from 2008 until they closed in 2012. I have been exhibiting work in Saskatchewan since 1995 in public and private galleries and with other local painters. In 2013-14 I had a painting on tour with Sask Art’s Prairie Reconstruction exhibition.