Francois Samson

Until 1998 François Samson had never envisionned himself as an artist in any way, he was actually working construction. Then one day, as he was walking in the old part of town, he saw a painting of RIchard Mill in an art gallery window. At that moment, he knew that painting was to be the instrument of his intense and excessive nature.

Samson's unique sculptural techniques of pulling back the canvas inside the frame combined with layers of modeled materials quickly establish themselves as trademark items of his work. He also develops a very personnal pictural language with his use of very rich and organic colors from which life and light seem to burst out.

Abstract and figurative coexist in his art showing the delicate balance that he seeks to attain. Urban and rural, light and dark, Samson is constantly mixing and testing the fabric of elements to finally achieve a certain sense of harmony in the all consuming presence of opposites.