Nik Semenoff

Nik Semenoff was born and educated in Saskatchewan, and is an outstanding researcher, artist, teacher and inventor.  He has taught at the U of S and has been artist-in-residence since 1992.  His cutting-edge research into safer printmaking processes has placed the University in the forefront of non-toxic printmaking research and education. 

The inventor of the “waterless lithographic process”, high-resolution screen-printing and specialized inks, he has made printmaking both safer and less expensive.  Professor Semenoff has published his research findings in several refereed journals, and has been invited to do workshops around the world.  He is also known and respected for his contributions to the local and provincial arts communities.  A founding member of the Saskatchewan Society of Artists and Gallery 9 in Saskatoon, Semenoff has served on the board of the Mendel Art Gallery and was associate director of the Fine Art Committee of the Saskatoon Industrial Exhibition for a number of years.